nCleaner 2.3

Most customizeable cleaner with a graphical glitch. Cleans reg, HD, RAM, etc.
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This is a freeware program for personal use only (though other "uses" are rather hard to imagine).
It lets you clean you PC in every way possible: reg-cleaning, HD-cleaning, RAM-cleaning, start-up managing and so on and so forth.
You can even increase the performanse of your Windows OS by choosing which of its graphical elements are not to be rendered on screen! But this performance increaser is almost useless on modern high-speed machines.
This program also lets you increase your privacy protection by such options as clearing the page file at shutdown, hide computer in network, empty temporary internet files on exit and so on. The program includes the option to "shred free space" on your hard-drives.
But when using this program I've come upon a problem: freeing the space it deletes some needed system files. For example when I've launched Microsoft Word after nCleaner did it's job, Word didn't find some necessary files, so I had to reinstall them. After that nothing crucial happened. This could have been avoided, if you use the advanced pre-scan settings, allowing to specify exactly which files do you want to erase.
The interface graphics of this app seem to glitch (as you can see on any screenshot below). The glitch would be this: nCleaner shell-screen makes a part of itself the image, which was underneath it, when nCleaner was launched. But, whatever: it's freeware, right? This glitch never stopped me from using this program to its maximum potential.

Review summary


  • Numerous settings, specifications, opportunities, options
  • As for me, this program is all you need to keep your machine up free and flying at the best rate possible


  • Graphical glitch with the interface
  • It may be difficult to mingle with all the options for a beginner
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